someone said a thing today that set me off. that my experience in a group was just as important and everyone else’s. that I was just as important. it hit a nerve. I’ve been sad and emotional for the last two hours despite every effort to dig myself out of the mood. I know it’s my brain chemistry responding to a deeply buried trigger, and my inability to process and accept that I am as important as anyone else is what’s causing the problem. knowing all of that doesn’t help the fact that I feel like shit. my rational brain has gone home for the day and emo queen brain is in charge. on top of all that, at the moment I am very anaemic. I have an inherited anaemia as well as iron deficiency anaemia. that means I have zero energy. I am running on fumes. I can’t remember the last time I felt well rested or energetic or just not tired all. the. time. right now I want to curl up into a ball and sleep and I really can’t afford to. I have work to do and assessments due tomorrow. I want to stay home tomorrow because I’m so fucking tired and emotional and it makes me want to burn everything down and then sleep for a week. 

maybe I’ll just take a nap.


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